Monday, February 1, 2010

Well I am home from my trip. Did not get any stitching done though :o) but had a good time. I will work on taking a picture of my Beasties to post here well need to get some stuiff done so noit much to post to night see y'all soon

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Well as you can see I did not do any posting since last Thursday. I was not feeling good all weekend so I did not do any stitching till today :o) I did get some done as you can see. Though I won't be able to work on this till next week. But I will be working on another Ink Circle Christmas beasties. but I am doing the all seasons I will post a picture of it on Monday when I am able to get to my computer :o) have good week and weekend all see you on Monday

Friday, January 22, 2010

Hi all
OK again not much done but did get a little stitching done. I hope to do more stitching tomorrow I have been just really sore with hip pain and lower back pain. Well this is going to be short note just so I can post my update :o)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ok I still did not get much done but I did go back to the black. I hope to get the black done buy next week but I doubt that will happen :o) I will be going to a friends next Wednesday threw Sunday so not much stitching on this will get done :o) so I will take a couple of small things with me to work on. Well I need to the house work done :o)

later all

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Well as you can see I did not get much done last night. I was surfing the net looking for new sewing machines. I have a White machine and I am really getting tired of getting it fixed. I h ave had a lot of problems with the tension with the bobbin thread. Yes, I have done every thing it tells me to do in the trouble shooting guide but it does not work *sigh* I then take it in to have it fixed it works for a few months then we start all over again. I do have to say this machine is 12 years old. So I think I will go for a new one. I have been looking at a Kenmore and so far I have only seen good reviews for it. I don't need a computerized one I just want a every day good machine. To make my needle books and some small quilting items I do. Oh, I do make some clothing now and then for my self. So it is not like I need a fancy dancy machine :o) Well I hope to work more on the Ink Circle tonight and keep the surfing down to a minimum. But I so enjoy the new lap top I got after Christmas. Though I am still getting use to it :o)

well off to eat lunch have a good stitching day

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Good afternoon all
well I was going to post this earlier to day but I am just now getting around too it :o) Well I did not get much done last night. I did get the center filled in and then I gave in to filling in the colors I only did get three places done. I was really sore last night and really tired. I posted that I had to go and see the back doctor yesterday. Well I was right I did have a problem *sigh* in my hip. They gave me some shots that really hurt [OK I really don't like needles but it did hurt :o) ] I am still sore where they put the needle in to my hip. I do have to say they thought it was fun I was the third person that day that had the same problem. I guess that it is very uncommon problem so they where suprised that the had three in one day. This is going to be a fun week tomorrow I have appointment with the Heart doctor. Which will be fun since it is a family deal the husband and the father in law all see my doctor :o) Oh yeah *sigh* will just see if the father in law is on good behavior or not grrrr .
Well have a good week all

Monday, January 18, 2010

Morning all
Well it looks like I did give in to the cross stitching :o) I did get quit a bit done yesterday :o) I hope to fill in the empty spot today. I am not sure if I will start to fill in the colors or keep going with the black. For those that know me, know how I had to force my self to keep doing the black. I am one of those stitchers that hate a lot of one color stitching :o) but since I have to pay attention and there is a lot of moving it has not been that bad. Well I should get some thing done since the Hubby comes home today :o) and I have a to go to the Doctors about my hip pain *sigh* Doubt the Doctor will do but will see.
Have a good week all see yeah to more I hope :o)